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The Northern Territory Planning Commission

An effective, independent and forward thinking leader in guiding strategic planning for the Northern Territory

The Planning Commission prepares strategic land use plans to manage growth in anticipation rather than in response.

The Planning Commission proactively sets the strategic framework for better integrated land use, transport and infrastructure planning, delivering more sustainable and cost-effective outcomes for the community, with sensitivity to environmental and heritage values.

We are an independent and advisory statutory authority that:

  • develops strategic plans and planning policies, and
  • advises on significant development proposals.

The Planning Commission is reviewing planning scheme provisions for Alice Springs CBD.  A Discussion Paper and Draft Built Form Guidelines have been released and are now on exhibition until Wednesday, 17 December, 2014.

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The Community Consultation Report, as well as a Chairman's Summary Report on the Darwin Regional Land Use Plan are now available for viewing. 

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The Northern Territory Planning Commission thanks the community and stakeholders for providing feedback on the draft conceptual plan to guide the potential development of two sites at Myilly Point:

Community consultation on the draft conceptual plan was undertaken between 1 May and 11 June 2014.

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Latest News

NTPC Chairman's Update - March 2015

The first NTPC meeting for 2015 was held in Darwin on 17 February.  I am pleased to announce the Commission endorsed a Strategic Plan for 2014 – 2017  at the meeting, which is now available for viewing.  The Commission carefully considered the plan, which outlines the vision, mission and values of the Commission as well as encompassing the goals and priorities of the Commission.
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NT Planning Commission (NTPC) 2014-17 Strategic Plan

The NTPC finalised the 2014-17 Strategic Plan at the 14th meeting on the 17th February 2015. The Strategic Plan is a high level document that articulates the NTPC’s vision, priorities and projects over a three-year period.  It is intended to be a flexible document whereby projects can be added as the need arises.

NT Planning Commission (NTPC) 2014-17 Strategic Plan


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NTPC Chairman's Update - January 2015

While it seems 2015 started only days ago we are already only days away from the end of January. The Planning Commission has been off to a brisk start to the year with work being done on the follow up to the very successful workshops held in December in Alice Springs.

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