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The Northern Territory Planning Commission

The Northern Territory Planning Commission will play an important role in ensuring that the planning system in the Northern Territory facilitates sustainable economic growth, protects environmental, cultural and heritage assets and connects people and place.

The Commission's primary role is to develop strategic plans and planning policies.  The Commission will undertake community consultation in preparing integrated strategic plans for regions, towns and centres.

As a secondary role, the Commission will advise on significant development proposals.  These proposals include projects that have a significant impact on the strategic planning of the Territory, the natural environment or existing amenity.

Under the Planning Act, the Commission must perform its functions and exercise its powers independently, impartially and in the public interest, taking into account the objects described in the Planning Act.

The functions of the Commission include:

  • preparing integrated strategic plans;
  • carrying out community consultation;
  • researching future land use and development, taking into account projected economic, social and demographic changes;
  • reviewing the NT Planning Scheme; and
  • preparing guidelines and assessment criteria.

The Planning Commission is reviewing planning scheme provisions for Alice Springs CBD.  A Discussion Paper and Draft Built Form Guidelines have been released and are now on exhibition until Wednesday, 17 December, 2014.

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The Community Consultation Report, as well as a Chairman's Summary Report on the Darwin Regional Land Use Plan are now available for viewing. 

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The Northern Territory Planning Commission thanks the community and stakeholders for providing feedback on the draft conceptual plan to guide the potential development of two sites at Myilly Point:

Community consultation on the draft conceptual plan was undertaken between 1 May and 11 June 2014.

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Latest News

Annual Report 2013-14

The NT Planning Commission Annual Report for 2013-14 has been deemed tabled in the November 2014 parliamentary sittings by the Minister for Lands, Planning and the Environment.

Annual Report 2013-14


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Media Release - Strategic Planning Process Guides Future Land Use

The Northern Territory Planning Commission (NTPC) will today publish its Community Consultation Report and Chairman’s Summary Report following the preparation of the Darwin Regional Land Use Plan.

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NTPC Chairman's Update - October 2014

The fifth NTPC Meeting for 2014 was held in Alice Springs on the 24th September. The Planning Commission members had met in Alice Springs the day before to conduct a tour of the town as well as the rural area to familiarise themselves and assist their work. Following the tour a meeting was held with Alice Springs Mayor, Damien Ryan, and then a public information session was held as a way of informing the public of the NTPC’s roles and responsibilities and current work.

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